Be Unconquered.

Dedicated to ensuring our client’s business strategy and human resources are aligned for increased organizational effectiveness and maximum profit.

We are a Human Resources consulting firm specializing in Human Resources Strategy, Organization Strategy, Change Management, Talent Management, Executive Recruitment, Executive Development and Succession Planning.

Our Team

The Invictus Leadership team is an accomplished group of human resources executives and professionals with experience in various industries which include global Fortune 500 companies in the hospitality, retail, healthcare, insurance, financial services and facility services industries. This team is known for being strategic thinkers and change agents.

At Invictus Leadership Group we work with organizations to achieve their goals. We take a variety of approaches in helping them accomplish their most pressing objectives. Our belief is that one size does not fit all organizations. We start by making sure we have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish and then set about the task of working with you to accomplish them. We design solutions, which are unique, and a fit for your organization. Our expertise lies in the following categories.

  • Strategic Planning

    We work with you to define your vision, mission and values and design practical steps that you can implement while still focusing on the customer.

  • Talent Management Processes

    Identifying where your future leaders will come from can be a daunting task. Our methodology helps you not only identify them but also give you the steps on how to develop them for when you need them.

  • Human Resources Strategy

    From hiring to firing and everything else in between we will work with you to develop processes, which are right for you to ensure that you have the right players on the team.

  • Management & Leadership Skills Development

    Some leaders are born and others just need to learn the skills to be an effective and productive leader. We have many resources for management and leadership skills development.